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Missing it.

December 5, 2009

According to the radar, the very first snow in the Happy Valley is here. White huge flakes are falling, the market is full of worried people who have ran out to stock up on non perishables, neighbors are busy moaning about having to shovel, the city workers are gearing up their plows.

Or, so I imagine.

We’re missing it. Malone’s first snow and we’re missing it. I know that it’s not his real first snow since he’s not there to see it, but a part of me feels a little sad. But it’s our Valley’s first snow. It’s snowing at the house we brought our baby home to and we’re not there to make that memory.

Sure, there will be another snow fall on another day. It will be Malone’s first snow. That day will be wonderful, we’ll take him outside in his cute little snow suit with the bear hoodie ears and take his picture. I’ll email it to his Grandparents, take my mental memory, and then write about it on here. He will never know that he missed the first snow. But I will.

We are missing it for a good reason. Right now our little family of three is enjoying a weekend at Meme’s house on the Cape. We’ve come down to spend the weekend with her and celebrate Christmas with her and our extended family who lives on the Cape.

We had our family over for Christmas this afternoon. It was lovely. We were making a memory for him – his first Christmas. We put him a cute little First Christmas Outfit. We piled his presents all around him and took his picture. We laughed and marveled with our family about what a little wonder he is. He entertained, he smiled on command. It was wonderful. We made a memory.

Still, a part of me longs to be home tonight. I just received a text from Uncle Tom (who is not Malone’s uncle by blood, but is Malone’s uncle by love) that he and Uncle Mike # 1 (again not by blood but by love- also Malone has an Uncle Mike # 2 in addition to a by blood Uncle Mike and a dad named Mike… can you keep all the Mike’s straight because I can’t) got their tree this afternoon and are have decided to host the rest of our friend family for their annual tree trimming dinner tonight.

We’ve attended this event for a few years and it is one of my favorite holiday events. Uncle Mike #1 is the most amazing cook and dinner at his house is always fantastic. Christmas carols play in the background as we sit by the fire drinking wine/good scotch. Dogs run about trying to steal bread from babies. Babies who were little babies last year toddle about feeding their bread to dogs. Their house is always filled with love, but on tree trimming night the love always seems to overflow.

I’m sad to be missing this event tonight, but again note that the memories we’ve made on the Cape this weekend are equally if not more important. Our friend family sees Malone on a weekly basis. Our Cape family does not.

There will be another tree trimming party next year. And perhaps I will be wise enough to not schedule our Cape Christmas on the first weekend of December so we can enjoy both events and maybe even be home to catch the Happy Valley’s first snow and not feel so conflicted about it all.

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