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What I should be doing.

December 13, 2009

There are approximately 1001 things I should be doing. We are leaving in FIVE (yay!) days to spend time with my family in Illinois.

I won’t bore you with the whole list but they include laundry, wrapping gifts, finishing ordering gifts, addressing Christmas cards, putting away clothes, and cleaning in general (because I HATE coming home from a trip to a messy space).

Instead, I am sitting here with a giant mug of coffee, listening to the hum of Malone’s swing as he sleeps in the background.

That swing has been such a life saver for us. For the first 2.5 months of Malone’s life he slept in it almost exclusively. Now that he’s almost six months it’s still used on a daily basis for naps while we’re home. I thought by now he’d be out of it, but I am not about to mess with something that’s not broken.

We didn’t originally register for a swing, but in the early days of Malone’s life he made it clear that he was a baby who loved movement.

My Nana (who was out here from IL to help us after Malone was born) stayed home with the baby while Michael and I set off for Babies R Us to purchase it. We were exhausted and overwhelmed. We needed a few a few quiet moments alone to reconnect. Wisely, my Nana sensed it and quietly suggested we go look for one.

I remember walking hand in hand with my husband into BRU. There was about 10 different swings to choose from. Our first choice was awesome looking, but out of stock. We liked that one best because an iPod could be plugged into it and it seemed cozy. However, it was designed more for newborns.

Our second choice was the Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Lamb Swing. It seemed cozy. Looking back, it is probably one of the wisest baby gear decisions we made. There is not one feature of the swing that Malone does not enjoy. The only I would change about it would be to have an electrical outlet option. We go through about 4 D batteries every two weeks.

It is so hard to guess what babies will like. I promise I’ll write about the best baby gear decision we ever made a different day.

Here are a few pictures of Malone in his swing.

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  1. Jen permalink
    December 13, 2009 10:43 pm

    I do believe that I remember you posting on facebook when you were pregnant about what was the best/most needed baby item and my response was that swing! Glad you (and Malone!) like it! Jacob loved it… Ethan no as much, but he still enjoyed it for his first three months or so. With Jacob, we made the same exact comment about it needing to be able to be plugged in! We did invest in some D rechargabale batteries that saved us money in the long run.

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