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Project MOM 3/52

February 8, 2010

During the first weeks and months after my mom passed away, I existed on very little food. When I was hungry the only thing I wanted to eat was either Digiorono Cheese Stufffed Crust pizza or baked goods.

This seriously went on for a really long time.

And then I got so fat I joined weight watchers.

Today, while grocery shopping I picked up one of those cheese stuffed crust pizzas. They are a luxury item in our house now at close to nine dollars a piece.  For that price, I might as well just get a pizza from the place by my house.

I had such grand hopes for this pizza. Michael and I were going to eat it during the big game.

Ah.. that gooey cheesey stuffed crust. I salivate just thinking about it.

But tonight my dear friends there is no pizza.

My mommy brain is FRIED (see the cry it out post below if you’re looking for a reason) and I put the pizza on the pan with the cardboard still on.

There were parts that could have been salvagable.

But I was my mother’s daughter. Instead of cool-ly figuring out a way to scrape the cooked on pizza from the cardboard and rebake the salvaged pieces.

I had a mini temper tantrum and the whole thing was very dramatically thrown  in the garbage.

And I will probably pout about it all night.

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